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Proximity Festival Run Concludes, Root and Branch Films earns multiple awards for its first festival

After spending over six months being shown at various film festivals both in Florida and abroad, the first short from Root and Branch Films, Proximity, has officially concluded its festival run. The film was accepted into thirteen film festivals, received four nominations, and was awarded Best Medium Short Film at the Clean Shorts Film Festival in Oklahoma and the Audience Choice Award at the Silver Screen for Short Films Festival in Carrollwood, Florida. One of the film’s producers, Kyle Marra, had this to say, “Proximity was a phenomenal experience to be a part of. It forced our team to think outside the box and challenged us to grow as actors and film makers. We are thrilled by what our first film has achieved, but more importantly, our team is excited to take the skills we’ve learned throughout this production and apply them to the current projects that we have in production!”

Proximity is available for public viewing at

Information about this film and future projects can be found at

About Root and Branch Films: Root and Branch Films is composed of a group of people who have a strong desire to express their creativity through film. Our team includes writers, cinematographers, editors, composers, graphic designers, actors, and directors. In short, our goal is to make quality films from start to finish.

Our relationship with Live Oak: Live Oak Theatre exists to enrich the lives of people of all ages through performing arts. Over the years, there has been a strong emphasis on singing, dance, and stage acting. As Live Oak has grown, so to have the aspirations of the performers within the company. Wanting to allow the performers to add more skills to their repertoire, Live Oak’s artistic director, Randi Olsen, approached Kyle Marra about starting a film company due to his background in film. Almost a year later, Root and Branch Films was born!

Our work: Stay tuned for the release of our first short film, Proximity. It is currently making its run through multiple film festivals. Once its festival run has concluded, it will be released for public viewing early next year. Follow our progress on!

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