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Live Oak Conservatory

Please email your completed registration form to to reserve your space in class. In your email please include the student's name, age and desired classes along with the form.

The initial payment will be collected on the first day of class, please arrive 15-20 minutes before class that first day, and then billing will take place automatically before the first week of each billing month going forward.

Please email or call 352-593-0027 with questions.


*Add $25/month for each additional credit over 4.

*Based on a 4 week month. 






Credit Package

1 credit

2 credits

3 credits

4 credits

2023/2024 Group Class Schedule

**classes are subject to change if minimum enrollment is not met.



Basic/Intermediate Acting (1 credit) 4:00-4:50pm

Music Theory (1 credit) 4:00-4:50pm

Youth Art ($50/month) 4:30-6:00pm

Pre-Pointe (1 credit) 5:00-5:50pm

Improv (ages 10-18) (1 credit) 5:00-5:50pm

Lyrical (1 credit) 6:00-6:50pm

Advanced Acting (1 credit) 6:00-6:50pm **by invitation only


Youth Theatre (4 credits) 4:00-6:00pm *meets Thursday, as well

Primary Acting (1 credit) 4:00-4:50pm

Tap (beginner) (1 credit) 5:00-5:50pm

Tap (16+) (1 credit) 6:00-6:50pm

Ballet (beginner) (1 credit) 7:00-7:50pm


Junior Improv (1 credit) 10:00-10:50am

Pre-K Dance (ages 2-5) (1 credit) 10:00-10:45am

Acting (1 credit) 11:00-11:50am

Primary Tap (ages 5-7) (1 credit) 11:00-11:50am

Senior Improv (2 credits) 11:30am-1:00pm

Primary Musical Theatre (ages 5-7) (1 credit) 12:00am-12:50pm

Tap (beginner) (1 credit) 12:00am-12:50pm

Primary Art (1 credit) 1:00-1:50pm

Stretch/Conditioning (1 credit) 1:00-1:50pm

Senior Improv (2 credits) 1:30-3:00pm

Tap (Intermediate) (1 credit) 2:00-2:50pm

Ballet (beginner) (1 credit) 2:00-2:50pm

Acro (1 credit) 3:00-3:50pm

Youth Theatre (4 credits) 4:00-6:00pm *meets Tuesday, as well

Primary Acting (ages 5-7) (1 credit) 4:00-4:50pm

Primary Art (ages 5-7) (1 credit) 5:00-5:50pm

Ladies Dance (1 credit) 6:00-6:50pm

Acting (1 credit) 7:00-7:50pm


Private Lessons available in:





Bass Guitar





and more!

Please click the Instructor button below to see what each instructor offers

Private lessons are $100/month (4 wks at $25/wk for 25 minute lessons). Longer private lessons may be available.

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