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Singin' in the Rain Jr. will be performed by our Youth Theatre class. Auditions are held during class time. Click HERE for character information.

The Sound of Music Auditions


We are now accepting video auditions for all individuals interested in participating in our spring production of The Sound of MusicAll auditions will be due by 11:59pm on Tuesday, November 29. Email audition videos to .  Call backs will begin 6:00pm Monday, December 12.  Those who make it past the video auditions stage will be notified via email with call back instructions. If you have any questions after reading through all of the below information, please email



Click Here to print the Live Oak Theatre Audition Form


 fill it out and bring it with you if you get called back, along with your headshot and resume’ …


Cast in order of appearance:

Sister Berthe, Maria Rainer, Sister Sophia, Sister Margaretta, The Mother Abbess,  

Captain Georg von Trapp, Franz the butler, Frau Schmidt the housekeeper, von Trapp children – Liesl, Friedrich, Louisa, Kurt, Marta, Gretl, Brigitta,   Rolf Gruber, Elsa Schraeder, Ursala, Max Detweiler, Baron Elberfeld, Herr Zeller, Baroness Elberfeld, a Postulat, Admiral von Schreiber


Audition Submission Format: To be considered for this audition, any talent, whether they’ve been involved in a Live Oak Theatre production or not, should submit a video audition of themselves performing one of the pre-selected monologues from the show and one of the pre-selected character specific songs from the show. Selections can be found below.
●Monologue and song should be performed in front of a solid-colored background.
●Video should start with talent stating name, age, and role they are interested in, including secondary options.
●Video can be shot on any device with a camera.
Videos must be submitted via an unlisted YouTube Link OR a downloadable Google Drive File ONLY.
●Only one Monologue and Song submission per person. If you are interested in being considered for other roles, please note that in your email. DO NOT MAKE ADDITIONAL SUBMISSIONS FOR OTHER CHARACTERS. You have time, please make sure the video you are submitting is the one you want the panel to see.
●Talent should be well lit from the front.
●Remember, dress for success!

All children trying for a role of a von Trapp child (Friedrich, Louisa, Kurt, Brigitta, Marta, Gretl) 

       - sing "Do Re Mi" 

           Monologue for ages 9-18 The Puppy By: Morgan Dudek

 Cheryl asked me to watch her puppy, Oscar. I said, “sure no problem.” No problem! I mean, how bad could it be to watch an innocent little puppy?  Right? WRONG! It was a nightmare if there ever was one. Look at me! Do you see the bags under my eyes? This puppy did NOT stop barking and whining all night. But guess what?! When I walked into my kitchen, I found myself sliding all the way across the kitchen and flat dead on my pee! I’d had it. But it gets worse, he’s torn up my couch! On the bright side, all of this has happened on day one. So, I figure it can’t possibly get worse. 


           Monologue for ages 6-8 “Nice Try”

You thought I wouldn’t notice what you did. I bet you even thought you were going to get away with it, didn’t you? Well, I’m not that easily fooled. I thought that looked like an awfully high pile of mashed potatoes on my plate.  So I Iooked, and sure enough, you were hiding broccoli under there!  Nice try, Mom, nice try.



All teen girls/young women trying out for the role of Liesel

       - Sing "I am 16" 

Monologue - Are you going to tell on me? I was out taking a walk and somebody locked the doors earlier that usual – I didn’t want to wake everybody up – so when I saw your window open – you’re not going to tell Father, are you?  This trellis is how we always got into this room to play tricks on the governess.  Louisa can climb it with a toad in her hand…. I told you today that I didn’t need a governess-Well, maybe I do.


All teen boys/young men trying for the role of Rolf

       - Sing “I am 16

MonologueCan I come again tomorrow night?  I could come here by mistake with a telegram for Colonel Schneider. He’s here from Berlin. He’s staying with the Gauleiter, but I -  no one’s supposed to know he’s here.  Don’t tell your father...  Some people think we ought to be German. They’re pretty mad at those who don’t think so. They’re getting ready to… well let’s hope your father doesn’t get into any trouble


All men trying for any of the adult male roles (Captain von Trapp, Max Detweiler, Franz the butler, Baron Elberfeld, Herr Zeller, Admiral von Shreiber) 

        - sing " Edelweiss".

MonologueGood. I’ll see that you’re given some material - today if possible. Now, you will be in charge of my children. There are seven of them. You will find out how far they have progressed in their studies and carry on from there. Each morning will be spent in the classroom. Each afternoon, they march along paths of the estate.  You will see that at all times they conduct themselves with decorum and orderliness. The first rule in this house is discipline.  


All women trying for adult female roles (Maria, Elsa Schraeder, Sister Berthe, Sister Sophia, Sister Margaretta, The Mother Abbess, Frau Schmidt)( Ursula, a Postulant, and Baroness Elberfeld will be doubled by those playing Nun roles) 

        - sing " My Favorite Things".   or

MonologueReverend Mother, I couldn’t be lost on that mountain. That’s my mountain.  I was brought up on it. It was that mountain that brought me to you.  When I was a little girl I used to come down the mountain, climb a tree and look over into your garden. I’d see the sisters at work, and I’d hear them sing on their way to vespers. Many times I went back up that mountain in the dark- singing all the way.  And that brings up another transgression – I was singing yesterday.  I was singing without your permission

Call back information:

If you're called back for the following roles, this is what you will need to have prepared

For Maria - prepare "The Lonely Goatherd"


For Captain von Trapp, Max, and Elsa - prepare "No way to Stop it"


For von Trapp children - "So Long, Farewell"


For Nuns - prepare "Maria"


For The Mother Abbess - prepare "Climb Every Mountain"



The Live Oak Theatre Company is a not-for-profit (501c3) organization.

The Live Oak Theatre Company is committed to offering family friendly entertainment.

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