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Proximity, the first short film from Live Oak Theatre’s newly minted Root and Branch Films, received the SSSF Audience Choice Award. The film was one of the eight films that were screened in the 32nd edition of the Silver Screen for Short Films (SSSF) film festival at Villagio Cinemas in Carrollwood, FL on January 9th, 2019.

SSSF invites local audiences and filmmakers to view from seven to ten short films from across the globe. Three films are nominated for the Audience Choice Award prior to the festival. At the end of the screenings, the audience then votes for the best film of the night.

Upon winning the SSSF Audience Choice Award, one of the film’s writers/producers/actors, Kyle Marra said, “We are so incredibly honored to receive the Audience Choice Award. Seeing Proximity on the big screen seated in a theater full of people who were experiencing the film for the first time was so surreal. I couldn’t help but grin as I got to hear the raw, unfiltered reactions. It was really special!”

Since beginning its festival run, Proximity has been an Official Selection in seven film festivals, received nominations for Best Short Film, Best Sci-fi/Fantasy/Supernatural Film, and Audience Choice Award, with a win in the Audience Choice Award category.

Attached photo: Poster of the film, Proximity

Synopsis of the Film:

Unsure how to move on after losing both his wife and his job, a man decides to end it all. When the surprise arrival of a mysterious stranger puts his plan on hold, he is forced to examine what makes life worth living.

Director: Chris Lewis

Writers: Kyle Marra, Chris Lewis, James McTague

Starring: Kevan Richards and Kyle Marra


About Root and Branch Films:

Root and Branch Films is a division of Live Oak Theatre Company. Composed of a group of people who have a strong desire to express their creativity through film, the team includes writers, cinematographers, editors, composers, graphic designers, actors, and directors. In short, our goal is to make quality films from start to finish.

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