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Character Descriptions:

Detective Hercule Poirot
Gender – Male
Age Range – 40-65
Accent – Belgian
Sides – Pgs. 12-13 (monologue), 18, & 43
“Agatha Christie’s most famous detective. Poirot is fastidious, thorough, a touch ridiculous, and incredibly observant and intelligent. He is both arrogant and humble to fault. He is an observer of people, astute at analyzing why people behave as they do, and firmly believes that most crimes can be solved primarily by observation, psychology, and thinking them through. He values intelligence and the rule of law above all else.” (Carries the bulk of the lines throughout the show.)


Monsieur Bouc
Gender – Male
Age Range – 40-64
Accent – Belgian

Sides – Pgs. 18, 24, & 43
“The owner of Wagon Lit, Orient Express. Bouc is a middle-aged man with a youthful vigor and attitude. Gregarious, honest and forthright, he puts his friends and customers above profit, although he is concerned about his company’s image. He is not a match for Poirot in intelligence, however.”


Mary Debenham
Gender – Female
Age Range – mid 20s-30s
Accent - English (standard)
Sides – Pg. 35
“A governess. Anxious, but also cool and determined, Mary has a certain sadness about her, as well as many secrets. She is carrying on a secret affair with Colonel Arbuthnot.”


Colonel Arbuthnot
Gender – Male
Age Range – 30s
Accent - Scottish
Sides – Pg. 35
“A military man of the old-fashioned type, possibly old-money, and used to being obeyed without question. He is strong, charismatic, but also problematic in some of his personal views. Has a temper.”


Hector MacQueen
Gender – Male
Age Range – 23-35
Accent – American
Sides – Pgs. 16 & 21
“Personal assistant and secretary to Samuel Ratchett, MacQueen is a nervous character with a stutter that appears when he is especially anxious. Seems rather new to his profession. Talks a bit too much.”

Michel (doubles as Head Waiter)
Gender – Male
Age Range – 40s
Accent – French (Michel) & Turkish (Head Waiter)
Sides – Pgs. 18 (Turkish), 20 & 24 (French)
“Competent and organized, Michel is the conductor for the first-class carriages of the Orient Express. Handles himself well in a crisis and is very good at his job.
Note: This actor will double as the Head Waiter of the Tokatlian Hotel and will also need to be able to do a Turkish accent.”

Princess Dragomiroff
Gender – Female
Age Range – 60s-70s
Accent – Russian
Sides – Pgs. 19 & 20
“Displaced Russian nobility. The Princess is a battleship: determined, arrogant, and accustomed to getting her way. She travels a great deal and holds very decided opinions.”

Greta Ohlsson
Gender – Female
Age Range – 30s
Accent – Swedish
Sides – Pgs. 19 & 20
“A Catholic missionary and baby nurse currently serving as a companion to Princess Dragomiroff. She would like to help small children in Africa. Deeply devout. This character may be funny but should not be played as a caricature for laughs.”

Countess Andrenyi
Gender – Female
Age Range – 25-35
Accent - Hungarian
Sides – Pg. 43
“In addition to being married to a count (and thus, nobility), she is also a doctor. Beautiful, educated, charming, and intelligent enough to match wits with Poirot. Must also be able to do an American accent.”


Helen Hubbard
Gender – Female
Age Range – 45-60
Accent – American (regional & transatlantic)
Sides – Pgs. 16 & 24
“Not exactly what she seems, Hubbard comes across as a gregarious, loud, obnoxious American busybody who has been married multiple times. Must be comfortable singing and lightly dancing. Should also be able to pull off a cooler, more calculated version of this character with a very standard or even cultured American accent.”

Samuel Rachett
Gender – Male
Age Range – 45-65
Accent – American (mobster)

Sides – Pgs. 20 & 21
“A dangerous and unlikable man, full of entitlement, with a hair trigger temper. Must have a forceful personality and come across as someone not to be trusted or crossed.” 

Note: As the murder victim, this actor may be required to remain on stage and still for an extended period of time.

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