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Kevin Fields is a native of Brooksville, Florida . A Proud HHS Graduate . He performs music in many styles , From Jazz to Rock ,  Acoustic to Electronic Music.

Growing up around Old School and New School Alike . Influences range from Glenn Miller , B.B King , The Eagles , Rush …. On to Modern stuff today.

Specializing in Modern Worship with roots in Southern Gospel , CCM and Gospel Praise Music.

 He has shared the stage with Various Artists including The Newsboys , Flyleaf , Mack Brock , Rick Derringer , I Am They , Martha Munizzi and Matthew West . Performs Worship at His Church with Skills associated with Modern Worship Production.


He has Been heard on several Albums either as part of an ensemble or simply providing the drums for an Artist. Experienced in Modern Recording and Previous Recording Practices including Drums , Percussion , Programming , Samples , Loops and Electronic Percussion.

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