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Anne of Avonlea Cast List

Here is the cast list for Anne of Avonlea. We were blown away by the talent that auditioned and we had some extremely difficult decisions to make. Congratulations to each of you and if you are new to Live Oak, welcome to the family!


*all roles are double cast if possible and listed in alphabetical order

Younger Anne: Holly Frendberg, Gwyneth Mitten
Older Anne: Ruth Babione, Ariel Santerelli

Younger Diana: Anna Babione, Soriah Everhard
Older Diana: Paris Gottsman, Amanda Waters

Young Josie: Kelsey Kidd, Rhea Whitaker
Older Josie: Caitlin Frostman, Cami Lenart

Young Gilbert: Reed Washington
Older Gilbert: TBA

Young Jane: Alexandra Alloco, Juliann Carter
Older Jane: Danielle DePaul, Espirit Tafelski

Young Ruby: Alannah Alloco, Emma Day
Older Ruby: Alana Truitt, Aurora Truitt

Moody: Elijah Everhard, Evan Williams

Charlie Sloan: Patrick Marconi

Marilla: Ellen Sanborn
Matthew: Jerry Cowling, Ron Dykes
Rachel Lynde: Myndee Washington
Miss Stacey: Ashley McCall
Mrs. Barry: Jenna Eyers
Dr. Spencer: Terry Edwards

Miss Harris: Gabby Gonzolaz, Monalisa Patterson

Avonlea Ladies: Diane Waters, Allison Frendberg, Amy Norris

Avonlea Gentlemen: Erik Troche (choreographer) , Zachary Gunn TBA

Girls Chorus: Mary Babione, Sarah Babione, Liliana Baxter, Stephanie Bishop, Danielle Clark, Christina Holmlund, Caitlynn Holmlund, Maddy Meyer, Anika Millet, Samantha Sanborn, Dominique Sekelsky, Alea Spiradakos, Stephania Torres

Boys Chorus: Noel Coutu, Seth Flancher, Erik Leith, Peder Olsen, Elijah Torres,

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